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Recommendations and Considerations for Positive Descriptive Feedback (Spanish)

Page 1 of the resource Recommendations and Considerations Positive Descriptive Feedback (Spanish)

Positive descriptive feedback is a powerful strategy for teaching new skills and maintaining learned skills. By providing information about the child’s behavior as part of the feedback, the teacher helps the child understand what they have done and why it is being acknowledged. The translation of this document was performed by a third party. NCPMI … Read more

Pyramid Model Implementation A Snapshot of Outcomes (Spanish)

Thumbnail image of the Pyramid Model Implementation A Snapshot of Outcomes (Spanish)

This infographic represents data compiled from a survey sent to programs in 9 states engaged in statewide implementation using the Pyramid Model state implementation and scale up plan. The resource can be used by state and program leaders wishing to implement the Pyramid Model as a tool for awareness, marketing and to solicit funding. It … Read more

The Pyramid Model Graphic (Spanish)

The Pyramid Model Graphic (Spanish) - infographic image, the text is on the left side of the pyramid.

This image of the Pyramid Model framework can be used as a visual support, or incorporated into presentations, websites, and other materials for educational purposes. Please cite the as follows: Pyramid Model for Promoting Social and Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children. From National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations at the University of South Florida, www.challengingbehavior.org. Reprinted … Read more

Classroom Practitioner Coaching Guide (Spanish)

Thumbnail view of the cover page of the Classroom Practitioner Coaching Guide (Spanish) resource

This manual provides a valuable resource that is full of tips and guidance for coaches as they implement practitioner coaching with classroom teachers. The translation of this document was performed by a third party. NCPMI makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of the translation.

Teacher’s Guide: Positive Interactions with Siblings and Friends (Ojibwe)

Thumbnail image of page 1 of the Teacher's Guide: Positive Interactions with Siblings and Friends (Ojibwe) tip sheet

This resource provides teachers tools to engage families in promoting positive interactions between toddlers and their friends (or siblings). It includes a teacher’s guide for using the tool, a family handout, and an activity idea that teacher can use to communicate with families about their children’s play activities at home. The translation of this document … Read more

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