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Behavior Incident Report System

The Behavior Incident Report System (BIRS) provides early care and education programs and classrooms with a system to collect and analyze behavior incidents in their program. The system provides an efficient mechanism for gathering information on elements related to behavior incidents that can be used analytically to make decisions about providing supports to teachers and children within the program. Teachers within programs collect data on behavior incidents that are not developmentally normative or are a cause of concern to the teacher. These data are summarized monthly to provide formative data for examining factors related to behavior incidents (child, teacher, activity, behavior type, behavior motivation, and responses to the behavior). In addition, these data provide summative information on the frequency of behavior incidents over time and an analysis of potential equity issue by calculating disproportionality related to race, ethnicity, IEP status, gender, and dual language learners.

Useful Resources

Learn more about the BIRS, before you download, with these resources:

Fact Sheet

This fact sheet describes the BIR system, features, and value for an early childhood program.

Data Tool

The BIRS Readiness Checklist identifies the components needed to ensure that a program is prepared for BIRS implementation.

Fact Sheet

This resource answers frequently asked questions regarding the use of the Behavior Incident Reporting System.

3 documents

The BIRS Package

The BIRS package, accessible through the online form below, includes the following:

Behavior Incident Report System v2.0

The Excel BIR system is used to enter and analyze BIRs. (BLANK and DEMO versions provided)

Behavior Incident Report Form

The BIR form is used to report behavior incidents in the classroom.

Behavior Incident Report Instructions

The BIR Instructions document includes a link for BIR training, definitions, and guidance on when and how to complete a BIR.

BIRS Data-Based Decision-Making Guide

The BIR Guide assists leadership teams develop fluency with analyzing BIR data.

BIRS Data Entry Guide

The Data Entry Guide provides instructions on using the BIR Excel Spreadsheet.

What Every Teacher Wants to Know About the BIR

This handout has information about the BIR and how teachers will collect data in the classroom.

Staff Buy-In Presentation

This presentation introduces the BIR to programs/teachers and explains how and why we collect data and make it meaningful.

Download the BIRS Package

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