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Managing Coaching When Work Feels Unmanageable

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The pandemic magnified weaknesses in early childhood settings that we are still trying to figure out. Programs report feeling overwhelmed with staff turnover, an uptick in reported challenging behavior, and an increase in the need to support staff wellness. With all of this going on, coaching sometimes gets put on the backburner. But what if … Read more

Insights from the Field: Implementing Pyramid Model Community-Wide

This webinar provides two states’ journeys on implementing and scaling up Pyramid Model Community-Wide efforts. Each state will share their unique experiences on how they got started with Community-Wide, lessons learned, tools they use, successes they are seeing in the communities, and the collaboration efforts with the state early childhood systems.

Preschool Module 1: Nurturing and Responsive Relationships

Establishing nurturing and responsive relationships within a caring community is the foundation of the Pyramid Model. This training focuses on practices for building relationships with children, promoting relationships between children, relationships with families that affirm family culture and identity, and relationships with team members.

Preschool Module 5: Addressing Challenging Behavior

This module provides the practices for understanding child challenging behavior, how to respond to challenging behavior, becoming aware of bias in responding, de-escalating behavior, and the components of developing a behavior support plan for children with persistent challenging behavior.

Preschool Module 4: Individualized Teaching of Social-Emotional Skills

This module guide practitioners in how to individualize instruction on social-emotional skills for children who need more targeted supports. Practices that are taught include: teaching systematically, peer-mediated intervention, planning for embedded instruction, and progress monitoring.

Preschool Module 2: High-Quality, Supportive Environments

This module focuses on the practices for establishing high-quality supportive classroom environments that promote social-emotional skill development and prevent challenging behavior. Practices related to schedules, routines, transitions, promoting engagement, expectations, and rules are addressed in the workshop.

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