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Pyramid Model Data: Assigning Unique Identification Codes

This tip sheet provides guidance for program leadership teams on establishing unique identification codes (IDs) instead of using names and other identifying information for data collected about children, early interventionists, and teachers.

Program Coaching Log

The Program Coaching log is used to log coaching activities to an implementation site.

Delivering Coaching from A Distance

Distance coaching has been an option to address challenges in finding time and opportunities to meet. These challenges are especially evident in family childcare and rural settings. Due to our country’s recent events, many coaches are finding ways to do their coaching from a distance. We discuss distance coaching as one way to address this issue. We also discuss the successes and challenges of distance coaching through our panelists? experiences, and how program leadership teams and coaches can implement specific supports to make distance coaching successful.

Data to Make Decisions

Dr. Mariyn Torley, Principle of Clifton Early Learning Academy, explains how the Pyramid Model practices and using data-based decision-making helps to make effective change within her school.

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