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Problem Solving: Including a Fifth Step to Reflect/Evaluate

5 Problem Solving Steps - thumb

This modified version of the Problem-Solving steps adds a fifth step of reflection/evaluation. This encourages teachers help the children reflect on the problems and how effective the solutions were. Coaches can help teachers design solution suitcases that include the steps on the outside and solutions on the inside. Including this fifth step on the outside … Read more

Blackline template of face mask

A blackline template of a face mask. The face mask cut outs are adhered to the visual schedule. This provides children with the expectation of when mask are to be worn.

Visual Schedule with face mask

Reminding children about masks: Using the visual schedule. Check out this creative idea from Michigan. The face mask cutouts are adhered to the visual schedule to help children with the expectation of when masks are to be worn. To be used with the Facemask cutout template

Pyramid Model Seesaw Activities

Here are some ways Ms. Meuleners has shared Pyramid Model resources in Seesaw with her preschool children and families. These lessons and activities were created using Pyramid Model resources and designs, and were re-created to be taught in a digital format. They can be taught to all students as a whole class, in small groups … Read more

Masking in Child Care Guidebook

Healthy Child Care Colorado is proud to share their new Masking in Child Care Guidebook. This Guidebook is a compilation of key resources and tips for supporting children, staff, and families with mask-wearing. It also includes sample program policies, activities to engage children, and materials you can download or print and share broadly.

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