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The Pout Pout Fish and the Mad Mad Day

Book List The Pout-Pout Fish and the Mad Mad Day cover thumbnail

Pout Pout Fish is having a bad day! A feeling begins to fill his gills and it is getting bigger and bigger. Pout Pout Fish is mad and he is getting madder and madder and doesn’t know how to stop! With a little help from his friends, Pout Pout Fish learns ways to stop his … Read more

When I Am/Cuando Estoy

Book List When I Am Cuando Estoy cover thumbnail

When I am/Cuando Estoy not only teaches children vocabulary words for emotions, but also suggests what they can do when they are feeling those emotions. The book has situations that young children will relate to and be able to discuss how they feel in those situations and what they do when they feel that way. … Read more

Happy Hippo, Angry Duck

Book List Happy Hippo Angry Duck cover thumbnail

Are you happy as a hippo, grumpy as a moose, or worried as a rabbit? Maybe you are sad as a chicken who is clucking sadly. Fun animals represent a wide range of emotions in this interactive story. Children will have fun as they learn emotion words and that emotions can change from day to … Read more

It Will Be Okay

Book List It Will Be Ok cover thumbnail

Giraffe and Zebra meet every day to walk to the watering hole. One day, Zebra finds Giraffe hiding in a tree because he saw a spider and he is scared! Giraffe experiences many feelings while Zebra patiently waits, showing empathy and kindness, until his friend feels brave enough to climb down.

Hair Love

Book List Hair Love cover thumbnail

Zuri is excited! Today is a big day and she wants her hair to be just perfect! And, it’s up to Zuri’s daddy to give her an extra special hair style. After many tries, they finally achieve a style that Zuri not only loves, but also makes her feel very special and confident!

A Feel Better Book for Littler Worriers

Book List A Feel Better Book for Little Worriers cover thumbnail

Worries can feel really big, especially when you are little! Children will learn what a worry is, what it feels like, where worries come from, and strategies for coping and feeling better about their worries.

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