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The Kissing Hand

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Chester Racoon is nervous about going to school for the first time. He doesn’t want to leave his mother, his toys, or his friends! But his mother shares a family secret that will reassure him of her love any time he feels a little lonely or fearful.

The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh

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Harpreet Singh loves his colors. He has a different color for every mood and occasion and always makes sure that his patka matches his outfit. When Harpreet’s family moves, everything changes. Harpreet wears white every day to school. What will it take to get Harpreet to wear his bright colors again?

Jabari Jumps

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Jabari has passed his swim test and is ready to jump off the diving board! He is a great jumper and he is not scared at all! Well, maybe just a little scared. His dad assures him that it is ok to feel a little scared and tells Jabari what he does when he feels … Read more

I’m Happy Sad Today

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Have you ever felt happy and sad at the same time? What about excited and nervous? The little girl in the story gives examples of when her emotions felt mixed up. She concludes that all her feelings are okay and that it is okay to have more than one feeling at a time. She even … Read more

It Will Be Okay

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Giraffe and Zebra meet every day to walk to the watering hole. One day, Zebra finds Giraffe hiding in a tree because he saw a spider and he is scared! Giraffe experiences many feelings while Zebra patiently waits, showing empathy and kindness, until his friend feels brave enough to climb down.

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