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Things That Will Help Me Stay Calm – Toddlers (Hmong, PDF)

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Toddlers experience big emotions as they learn to make meaning of their world and communicate their needs. Toddlers look to their primary caregivers to let them what they are experiencing is okay. Caregivers can use the strategies included in this infographic to provide toddlers with predictability in their day, safety in relationships, meaning to their … Read more

Help Us Stay Calm: Strategies that help you and your child during challenging behavior (Hmong, PDF)

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When a child is engaged in challenging behavior or experiencing anger, stress, sadness or frustration, it is important to stay calm. The strategies in this infographic help both caregiver and child stay calm during challenging behavior. Early care and education and family support programs are encouraged to download the infographic to use in their social media to families or repost on their web site.

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