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Examining Essential PBC Resources to Maximize Coaching Outcomes

Does your coaching toolbox need a refresh? Join us as we walk through key coaching resources to help you organize and use your coaching tools with intention. We will show you where to locate each resource and how to use them to enhance your efficiency as a coach. We will highlight resources that have been … Read more

Managing Coaching When Work Feels Unmanageable

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The pandemic magnified weaknesses in early childhood settings that we are still trying to figure out. Programs report feeling overwhelmed with staff turnover, an uptick in reported challenging behavior, and an increase in the need to support staff wellness. With all of this going on, coaching sometimes gets put on the backburner. But what if … Read more

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Using the Tiered Coaching Model for Practitioners

This webinar will focus on strategies and tools for implementing the Tiered Coaching Model (TCM), an innovative, data-driven coaching framework for supporting teachers in implementing evidence-based practices (EBPs) in their early childhood education (ECE) classrooms. TCM is designed to provide Practice-Based Coaching supports that are responsive to individual teachers’ preferences and needs. Participants will learn about … Read more

Peer Coaching in Early Childhood Classrooms

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This webinar provides participants with a process for setting up and implementing a reciprocal peer coaching model in early childhood classrooms. Data evaluating the effectiveness of the reciprocal peer coaching model will be discussed briefly. The presenter will then walk participants through a three-step system for using peer coaching in early childhood classrooms: 1) planning, … Read more

Group Coaching to Support Pyramid Model Implementation: A Virtual Tour of Materials

This webinar will highlight the newly released group coaching materials available through the National Center for Pyramid Innovations. Presenters will provide a virtual tour of the package. Materials are included for 8 group coaching meetings for practitioners to learn about: social-emotional teaching practices, planning to implement a practice, sharing video, reflection, and providing feedback to peers on their use of the practices. Presenters will review the structure and sequence of the group coaching meetings and provide helpful tips for getting organized with the group coaching materials.

Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom (in person or virtual) as a United Team

Coaching teachers to use universal Pyramid Model practices can have a positive impact on both teachers? and young children’s daily experiences in early childhood classrooms. What if there are children in the classroom who need a little more help to follow routines, understand expectations, regulate their emotions, or connect to their peers? Join our panelists as they discuss their experiences and processes for working with teachers to individualize Pyramid Model practices in their classrooms.

Coaching Conversations: Sharing the Teacher’s Perspective

In this webinar, ML Hemmeter will lead a discussion with a panel of teachers who have been coached using the Practice-Based Coaching framework. Join us as they share their perspectives implementing the Pyramid Model in early childhood settings and insights on how coaching supported their teaching practice.

Coaching Conversations: Supporting Teachers to Implement Pyramid Model Practices Equitably

Coaches work collaboratively with teachers to support them in implementing Pyramid Model practices. Pyramid Model practices are designed to support young children’s development of social-emotional competence including emotional literacy, problem-solving, communicate their wants and needs, and peer relationship skills and to decrease the likelihood they will engage in challenging behavior. How do coaches support teachers to ensure they are using Pyramid Model practices to address the individual needs of each and every child in their classroom? In this webinar, panelists will discuss ways coaches can support teachers to implement Pyramid Model practices equitably.

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