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The Pout Pout Fish and the Mad Mad Day

Book List The Pout-Pout Fish and the Mad Mad Day cover thumbnail

Pout Pout Fish is having a bad day! A feeling begins to fill his gills and it is getting bigger and bigger. Pout Pout Fish is mad and he is getting madder and madder and doesn’t know how to stop! With a little help from his friends, Pout Pout Fish learns ways to stop his … Read more

Roaring Mad Riley

Book List Roaring Mad Riley cover thumbnail

Learn how to pause and cool down with a little help from some friendly dinosaurs! Riley gets roaring mad when Parker accidently knocks his blocks down. But Mr. Rex shows Riley that there are many ways to calm down even when you are roaring mad. Riley learns how to keep calm by taking deep breaths, counting … Read more

I’m Happy Sad Today

Book List I'm Happy-Sad Today cover thumbnail

Have you ever felt happy and sad at the same time? What about excited and nervous? The little girl in the story gives examples of when her emotions felt mixed up. She concludes that all her feelings are okay and that it is okay to have more than one feeling at a time. She even … Read more

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

Book List In My Heart cover thumbnail

A little girl shows us how our hearts can feel many different feelings. She explores a range of emotions, describing what each emotion feels like inside. Happiness makes her want to twirl and sadness makes her feel heavy as an elephant. Can you describe how your emotions make you feel?

Buddy the Bulldozer Learns to Calm Down

Book List Buddy the Bulldozer Learns to Calm Down cover thumbnail

When Buddy the Bulldozer gets mad, his engine begins to fume! But Buddy is learning a new way to cool his engine when he gets mad. He can put on his brakes, stop, and take three deep breaths. When his engine is cool, he can think of ways to solve the problem with his friends.

Calm Down Time

Book List Calm-Down Time cover thumbnail

Calm Down Time helps children learn ways to calm themselves when they are feeling big emotions. They can take deep breaths, count to three, ask for a hug or hug themselves, sing to themselves, or talk about their feelings.

Can You Make a Happy Face

Book List Can You Make a Happy Face! Cover thumbnail

Infants and toddlers can explore a wide range of feelings and emotions such as happy, excited, surprised, and grumpy! The book has engaging photos that illustrate each emotion, encouraging children to make their own fun faces to match the emotions.

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