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The Kissing Hand

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Chester Racoon is nervous about going to school for the first time. He doesn’t want to leave his mother, his toys, or his friends! But his mother shares a family secret that will reassure him of her love any time he feels a little lonely or fearful.

When I Am/Cuando Estoy

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When I am/Cuando Estoy not only teaches children vocabulary words for emotions, but also suggests what they can do when they are feeling those emotions. The book has situations that young children will relate to and be able to discuss how they feel in those situations and what they do when they feel that way. … Read more

The Feelings Book

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The Feelings Book illustrates a wide range of feelings in a simple, relatable way. Sometimes we feel silly, sometimes we feel brave, sometimes we feel really mad, and sometimes we feel like trying something new! The book’s format and silly illustrations provide fun opportunities for great conversations around our ever -changing feelings.

On Monday When It Rained

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On Monday When It Rained is about a little boy and what happens to him every day for a week. The boy talks about what happens to him each day and how it makes him feel. Whether he is feeling excited, lonely, or embarrassed, the real life images of the little boy’s face are very … Read more

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