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The Pout Pout Fish and the Mad Mad Day

Book List The Pout-Pout Fish and the Mad Mad Day cover thumbnail

Pout Pout Fish is having a bad day! A feeling begins to fill his gills and it is getting bigger and bigger. Pout Pout Fish is mad and he is getting madder and madder and doesn’t know how to stop! With a little help from his friends, Pout Pout Fish learns ways to stop his … Read more

Together We Can

Book List Together We Can! Cover thumbnail

Together We Can is all about friendships. The children in the story explain what friends are, how to make friends, and how to be a friend! It’s about sharing, playing, being kind, and working together. Some friends may dress differently, speak a different language, or use a wheelchair to get around. Our friends are all … Read more

The Colors of Us

Book List The Colors of Us cover thumbnail

The Colors of Us celebrates similarities and differences through the eyes of a young girl who wants to paint a picture of herself using brown paint to match her skin. Her mother takes her on a walk to show her that there are many beautiful shades of brown. When she gets home, she paints pictures … Read more

Jabari Jumps

Book List Jabari Jumps cover thumbnail

Jabari has passed his swim test and is ready to jump off the diving board! He is a great jumper and he is not scared at all! Well, maybe just a little scared. His dad assures him that it is ok to feel a little scared and tells Jabari what he does when he feels … Read more

How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids

Book List How Full is Your Bucket? for Kids cover thumbnail

Felix’s grandpa tells him that we all have an invisible bucket and when it is full, we feel great. When it is empty, we don’t feel so good. Felix isn’t sure what Grandpa is talking about! But he soon learns that his interactions can fill or empty his own bucket as well as other people’s … Read more

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