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When I Am/Cuando Estoy

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When I am/Cuando Estoy not only teaches children vocabulary words for emotions, but also suggests what they can do when they are feeling those emotions. The book has situations that young children will relate to and be able to discuss how they feel in those situations and what they do when they feel that way. … Read more

You Are a Lion! And Other Fun Yoga Poses

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Yoga is a great way to help children learn to calm their bodies, relax, and focus. Children will have fun trying to imitate the animal poses illustrated in the book They can flutter like a butterfly, bark like a dog, hiss like a snake, or roar like the lion king of the jungle!

Rex Wrecks It!

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Gizmo, Sprinkles, and Wild love to build things and Rex loves to wreck everything they build. Is there any hope for making playtime fun for everyone? Gizmo has an idea, and it involves getting Rex to help them build a big, strong, and awesome block structure! Will Gizmo’s idea work?

ABCs of Kindness

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There are so many ways to be kind! Starting with A and ending with Z! You can brighten someone’s day with a smile, offer to help carry a big stack of books, or remind a friend they belong!

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